“My target is the governor.” That’s what Cedar Rapids Gazette columnist Todd Dorman tweeted last night referencing his work at the “news” paper.

It’s not that Republicans didn’t know that the Gazette has had it out for Republicans. But for years, they’ve been denying it.

Just last year, Dorman wrote a whole column on the topic. Republicans snub The Gazette, but door remains open,” read the title.

“For the first time, no Republican candidates for state or federal office, neither challengers nor incumbents, accepted our invitation to meet with The Gazette’s editorial board as part of our endorsement process,” wrote Dorman. “It’s disappointing, and a sad commentary on the state of our politics,” he said.

Sad commentary? Why the hell would Republicans meet with an editorial board member whose stated goal is to get them out of office? Why not just sit down for an interview with the members of the Iowa Democratic Central Committee or the Democrat Governors Association?

But really, Dorman’s late-night tweet was refreshingly honest. Thank you for finally saying that there really is no persuading you despite your earlier statements to the contrary. Your column is just a corporate-funded political campaign. We get it. Hopefully, your advertisers do too. (Dorman must be a closeted fan of Citizens United. Come out, Todd. It’s okay.)

Republican candidates: This year, when the Gazette invites you to sit down with their editorial board to have a “healthy exchange of ideas,” just send them Dorman’s tweet, with the reply “Hard pass.”