As a native Iowan and someone who understands our values, the things I’ve seen coming out of Congress are a great threat to our economy, our jobs, and even more importantly, it’s a threat to our Iowa way of life. Growing up in Iowa, I saw firsthand the heart and soul of our rural communities. When Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer ran for Congress, she pledged to be a voice for Iowans that live in these communities, but she’s done the exact opposite. Congresswoman Finkenauer has gone to Washington and never came back. She is a rubber stamp for the Democrats’ radical agenda. Seeing the values of Iowa families ignored, I could not sit on the sidelines—which is why I chose to run for Congress.  


I’m running to represent the 20 counties in Iowa’s First Congressional District because I’m truly worried about the direction the country is headed under a Speaker Pelosi led House with Finkenauer by her side. The constant political games we see in Washington that put the lives of Iowans in the balance has to end. We need new leaders in Washington who know how to solve problems, build consensus across party lines, and get things done. I’m ready to take some Iowa common sense to the halls of Congress, and when I go to Washington, my bosses will be you—the almost 800,000 Iowans who live, work, and raise families in our communities. 


Congresswoman Finkenauer’s policies do not align with the values of hard-working Iowans. She has touted the Democrats’ Medicare for All proposal as the only thing that makes sense right now. Her support for a public option healthcare plan would be disastrous for healthcare in our communities, closing over 50 rural hospitals and making it harder for Iowans to get the medical services they need. Instead of making it hard for Iowans to have access to the services they need, I believe in ensuring we always cover people with pre-existing conditions and making targeted fixes to our healthcare system that will end surprise medical billing, lower costs, and decrease premiums.  


The federal government is already in our pockets enough. If Congresswoman Finkenauer and her party get their way, they’ll increase taxes and introduce mounds of new regulations. Now more than ever we need economic growth, increased opportunity, and job creation, not another financial burden and more red tape. Instead, I’d work to make the tax cuts passed by Republicans permanent. These tax cuts are working. As a result of the tax law, the average middle-class family increased their take-home pay by over $1,600 a year. More government is not the answer, and I believe we need more transparency and accountability to taxpayers. 


It’s time for new leaders who will put people first, not politics and special interests. I’m ready to tackle the issues that really matter to Iowa families — reforming our broken healthcare system, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, protecting our national security, and putting money back in the pockets of hard-working Iowans. I’ll go to Congress and do what Finkenauer and Pelosi have failed to do the past two years: Put the needs of the American people and Iowans first.


If you are ok settling for the status quo in Washington: partisan politics, bureaucratic stalemates, and politicians only concerned about re-election, then you’ve come to the wrong person. I’ll fight to get government out of the way, enact policies that benefit Iowa families, and keep our neighborhoods safe.


We have to clean up Washington. It’s why I support term limits, banning former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists, and banning politicians from making themselves wealthier by padding their salaries with their campaign accounts. I will follow through on these promises and fight to enact legislation in order to accomplish it. 


As a working mom to my two boys, Max and Jax, and a wife to my husband, Matt, I know that Iowans want a good education for their kids, a good-paying job to provide for their family, and making sure the people they love are healthy and happy. Currently serving in the Iowa State House, I understand what Iowans want is for the government to get out of their way and let them grow their small business. My philosophy is simple: Do what’s best for the people I represent. As Election Day nears, I humbly ask for your vote and would be honored to have your support to represent you in Congress.