It’s been days since Afghanistan’s government began to crumble on the world stage. In just a short span of time, cities key to the country’s stability quickly fell to the Taliban and the country descended into chaos as a result of the Biden administration’s attempts to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan.

Around the world, countries have had no problem placing blame where blame is due. In the United Kingdom, parliament voted to hold Biden in contempt for his failure to effectively withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. Even right here in the United States, Americans looking at their televisions have cast their doubts on the Biden administration’s handling of this latest foreign policy blunder. A new Morning Consult Poll found that more than half of Americans disapproved of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan.

Yet, Biden and Harris’ ever faithful party members have stayed their course and refused to address the administration’s troubles. Iowa’s lone Democrat, Cindy Axne, was one of the ever faithful.

Axne attempted to skirt the issue of placing blame by stating on Twitter that she hoped to hear more from President Biden “on what steps will be taken to ensure the safety of the U.S. forces and their Afghan partners still on the ground.” However, days later with no real plan, contradicting statements from Biden officials, and blame-shifting within the White House, Americans and their Afghan allies are still trapped in Afghanistan while Axne has offered no update to the ongoing crisis.

With Iowans joining their fellow Americans in questioning the direction of the Biden administration and its efforts to accomplish just about anything, the path to victory in 2022 is looking bleak for Axne. The Republican National Committee made no secret that Axne’s silence would only do damage to her race for re-election later on, noting in part, “the disaster in Afghanistan is the direct, horrific result of Joe Biden’s terrible foreign policy,” RNC Spokesperson Preya Samsundar said in a release. “Cindy Axne’s refusal to strongly condemn Biden’s failures speaks volumes.” Having narrowly won her district the past two election cycles and redistricting about to take place, it’s only a matter of time before Axne’s silence takes its toll on voters heading to the ballot box.