Iowa will execute the primary race for our U.S. Senate and U.S. Congressional seats on June 2nd, 2020. Interesting is how many Iowans who are not tracking the opportunity to execute their right as a citizen, to select the candidate that best reflects their values, viewpoints, and expectations. Historically we see this reflected in the 1/4 to 1/3 of the voters who come to the General Election in November coming to the polls during the primary. Low turnout is a failure of our political parties, who appear to have no interest in ensuring the constituents within our state know who the candidates are. Political parties appear to discourage voters from participating in the primary process by limiting options and providing resources equally.

My name is Bill Schafer, a candidate for the United States Congress in Iowa’s District 3. I am an American by Birth; a Soldier by Profession; an Iowan by Choice. I grew up as the Son of a Soldier then joined the Army serving over 32 years on active duty, retiring as a Colonel. My wife of 36 years, Robin, and I raised three self-reliant great American children. My career was spent in the Infantry because I love Soldiers and I love this country. The Army brought Robin and I to Iowa, our love for the Iowans and the Iowan countryside is why we chose to retire and become Iowans.

I have commanded in the American Infantrymen at every level of Command from platoon to brigade. I have deployed to combat leading America’s Sons and Daughters first to Operation Desert Storm as a company commander and again during Operation Iraqi Freedom as a battalion commander. I served at the Pentagon on the Joint Staff and as an operations officer and Chief of Staff for a 3-Star General. I am an Army Ranger, a Master Parachutist, Expert Infantryman, Expert Trainer, and have twice been awarded the Bronze Star for Valor. I have also earned a Master of Science in National Strategy-Resources, and a Masters of Arts in Human Resource Development.

I resigned from a civilian job on May 11th, 2019, because I believe this path of service to the nation, working on behalf of my fellow Iowans, is the right thing for me to do at this time. I am a constitutional conservative who believes that Iowans and Americans are best at making decisions for themselves and their communities. I believe that “We the People” must elect folks who will strive to reduce the amount of intrusion of the government. When elected, I will apply constitutional problem solving to my service. By doing so, I will push for State and local solutions for our concerns before seeking federal solutions unless the constitution directs a federal solution. I am focused on serving you because it is time for me to take action rather than just complaining about our state of affairs.

On June 2nd it should be up to the people of our district, U.S, Congressional District 3, to choose your representative. Please consider my candidacy. I am confident you will find that I am the true conservative seeking the Republican nomination. Consider my background. I am confident you will determine that I have the experience and capacity to serve as your Congressman. Give me the opportunity to serve you and I will work everyday to earn that confidence. Most importantly study the candidates and exercise your right to choose the candidate that best reflects your expectation.