Daily attacks of hateful actions against Asian Americans are the norm now for places like New York City and other Metropolitan areas across the United States.

From the gruesome murder of a Korean woman who was stabbed 40 times and sexually assaulted, to the pushing of an Asian-American in front of an oncoming subway train in NYC, these occurrences have become commonplace. 

According to the latest FBI hate crime statistics, there were a total of 279 Anti-Asian incidents reported in 2020, amounting to a 77% increase from 2019. 

Other data collected on the issue includes a research forum released this month conducted by Stop AAPI Hate, indicating a total of 3,800 incidences of bias against Asian Americans, mostly women. 

Yet instead of rallying the country together to address the issue head-on, The Biden Administration has used the recent crimes against the Asian community as a springboard to bash Republicans. 

“I think there’s no question that some of the damaging rhetoric that we saw during the prior administration — calling COVID the ‘Wuhan virus’ or other things — led to perceptions of the Asian American community that are inaccurate, unfair… has elevated threats against Asian Americans, and we’re seeing that around the country,” said Press Secretary Jen Psaki to White House Reporters when questioned on the recent uptick of attacks. 

To merely use a generalized claim of Trump’s rhetoric as the sole cause of a phenomenon, it fails to recognize the many other related factors that have caused such an increase of Asian hate across the country.  

Democrats’ ignorance of the increase of crime in metropolitan areas are the same individuals who have flocked to the narrative that such Asian hate crime statistics show the increase of “white supremacy” within the nation. 

The assumption that only the majority race can be racist towards minorities shows the pure bias bleeding into the progressive narrative when in reality, members of the Asian community have been attacked by non-white peers. 

Some of the most prolific and horrific crimes played out in these alleged hate crimes are non-white assailants…might one say… minorities. 

There is a deep rooted factor here contributing to Asian Hate that is being ignored to uphold an agenda upheld by Democrats and legacy media alike.

Such an observation though, claims prominent progressives, further wedges a divide between minority groups that have been instigated by white nationalism….an absurd stretch to cover one’s failed policies in public safety that any common-sense American can see through. 

Democrats do not want to own up to the massive failure of The Defund The Police Movement they unwaveringly backed, especially now after seeing the direct end result on the minority community they claimed to care about.  

Asian lives don’t matter to Democrats, the media, or even public opinion. The message is clear to Asian Americans across the country,” Your obstacles of racism are neglected and do not fit the race narrative, so shut up and continue to support progressive causes.”