The campaign of Theresa Greenfield appears to be attempting to mislead Iowans less than three weeks before the election.

While the Federal Election Commission’s inner workings may be relatively unknown to most Iowans, complaints filed with the FEC have become political weapons in the race for Iowa’s US Senate seat.  Both candidates have had complaints filed against their campaigns for allegedly violating campaign finance rules.  But in a recent campaign statement, Greenfield has taken the rhetoric revolving around these complaints to a whole new level.

Yesterday, a federal court in Washington found that the FEC has not taken action on a complaint that a liberal special interest group filed against Senator Joni Ernst. 


The FEC’s problem is that it does not have the four commissioners it is required by law to have to conduct business. Since it cannot even make an appearance to defend itself without a quorum of commissioners, the court entered a brief default judgment against the FEC. Importantly, The judgment said nothing about what the FEC must do in considering the merits of the complaint and said nothing about whether or not the complaint even has any merit.

However, Greenfield and her team don’t care about the facts and posted to her website a headline shouting that the judge ordered “FEC enforcement against” Iowa Values, a social welfare organization that supports Senator Ernst’s agenda. In reality, the order really just told the FEC to consider the case and make a decision. Greenfield’s spokesperson implies that this ruling is a judgment against Senator Ernst even though nothing in the order said anything about the complaint’s substance or even mentioned the Senator’s name.

Iowa Field Report reached out to the group Iowa Values for comment,

“I am glad that the court told the FEC to get moving. We’re waiting for the FEC to dismiss this frivolous complaint and clear our name and Senator Ernst’s name. The longer it takes the FEC to dismiss the complaint, the longer we have to listen to Theresa Greenfield and the liberals attempt to mislead Iowans with the same false talking points over and over,” said Iowa Values Executive Director, Derek Flowers

It is ironic that on a day that Senator Ernst was asking careful and thoughtful questions of the current Supreme Court nominee, Greenfield was spinning lies about what a federal judge actually did with the FEC.