As Rob Sand kicks off his self-promoting book tour, he’s taking a spin through the Iowa Press table this week.

We’re hoping the crew at the table will hold Rob’s feet to the fire and ask him some real questions, rather than just let him peddle his book or pat himself on the back for audits that are 2 years too late.

Here are a few questions that come to mind:

1-As an attorney who regularly lectures the rest of us on civility in politics, you strangely have not yet weighed in on Abby Finkenaurer’s ridiculous attacks on the district court judge in her case. Do you have any reaction to that now? Do you think maybe your lecturing has gone too far yet?

2-Despite loving the attention from all the candidates, you never did officially endorse in the 2020 caucus. Are you pleased with the job Pres. Biden is doing now? Which do you like most – the inflation? The skyrocketing energy costs? The fact that many Americans can no longer afford groceries?

3-Speaking of the caucuses – while you’ve provided much insight on your opinions on breakfast pizza, deer hunting and taking pictures with Aquaman, have you had the chance to voice an opinion on whether Iowa should keep its first in the nation caucus?

No doubt the media has fallen in love with heartthrob Rob and his fun tweets, they’ve bought into his Boyscout act and clean Carharts, so don’t expect them to treat him the same way they treated Kim Reynolds at a COVID press conference. Do you think that’s because he’s a Democrat or a man?