Over the past month, Des Moines City Hall has encountered frequent disruptions from Black Liberation ‘activists’ who narrowingly believe Iowa is becoming a ‘fascist and or ‘oppressive’ state.’

Yet let’s put the group’s actions into perspective:

  • Frequent calls for the complete abolition of DMPD
  • Calls for the firing of a local police chief for being a Trump supporter
  • Harassing and preventing a student reporter from covering a BLM event
  • Refusing to let others speak at a City Council meeting other than themselves.

For the record, one of the main aspects of fascism and oppression consists of the forceful suppression of any opposition and criticism to one’s movement.

Despite local media not naming the organization, It appears that the recent developments yesterday at City Hall that led to an arrest of a protester for violation of city code 2-70 is the same Black Liberation group who have disrupted the past City Hall meeting.

An active member of the Black Liberation, @PolkCountySheriffJaylen Cavil’, has been posting updates and other tweets retweeted by the activist group.

All residents in Iowa, no matter where they stand politically, know without a reasonable doubt that these so-called activists know what is best for the city of Des Moines, as it is clear that these zealots of justice always keep an open mind to all viewpoints.

These people claim they live in one of the most oppressed states in the country, yet are given ample time to voice their own opinions, no matter how outlandish, to the ears of City Council members who have endured constant and vigorous harassment from them.

The protestors champion themselves for being on “the right side of history” yet have been shrouded in their own narrow mindset rendering them incapable of listening to other sides of any political argument.

This is the problem with my current generation: We always listen to respond, never listen to hear what others have to say.

The acts at City Hall are the direct result when one’s viewpoints go unchecked, morphing into belligerent, childlike behavior.

The assertions laid out in this piece are not about social justice or protesting. Rather, it is all about laying the foundation for treating those who are willing to give you a platform to speak and hear your message.

This group has shown their true immature selves to Iowa Representatives and Iowa citizens alike and should reflect on their asinine behavior.

Des Moines City council should take their demands with a grain of salt.