We are each Iowans, farmers, and lifelong advocates for Iowa agriculture. For many years, we have each supported Congressman Steve King in one way or another. Iowa’s agriculture community is a tight-knit community. While, like any group, we have differences of opinion, one thing is certain: when it comes to protecting our state, our farmers, and our farming future, we remain united.

That is why, today, we are calling on 4th District Republicans to elect a proven, effective and conservative leader in Iowa Senator Randy Feenstra. We have each witnessed for years as Randy has successfully represented Northwest Iowa in the Senate. A thoughtful, respected, and effective leader, Randy has delivered countless results for Iowa Republicans, the conservative cause, and Iowa’s farm community.

Now, more than ever, we need an effective leader fighting for our agriculture interests in Congress. Foreign tariffs, threats to renewable fuels, trade wars, and COVID-19 represent immediate threats to our farm families and businesses. They also represent a long-term threat to farms that have survived through good times and bad times for generations. For these reasons, we felt the need to speak in a united voice in support of Randy Feenstra’s campaign for Congress.

The good thing is, voters do not just have to take his, or our, word for it. Randy is not an unproven commodity. Rather, he is a proven and effective leader with a record of delivering for Iowa agriculture. With experience working on his family’s farm, Randy has been a champion of the agricultural economy and family farmers in the State Senate.

As Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Randy has been integral in the passage of numerous tax relief measures to help our farmers. His accomplishments include authoring the largest tax cut in Iowa history that was signed into law by Governor Reynolds. He also helped eliminate the grain bin tax and passed property tax caps to limit the growth of taxes on families and farmers. Lastly, recognizing the need to invest in Iowa’s farming future, he crafted and passed a tax incentive for new farmers. These tax reform measures provided desperately needed relief as our farming communities have faced many new obstacles in recent years.

Finally, Randy is also steadfast in his support of biofuels and has been an unwavering supporter during his time in the Iowa Senate. In Congress, he’ll be an effective voice defending Iowa’s biofuels future.

Through his hard work, conservative values, and respect amongst his colleagues, he has been an effective leader for Iowa families and farmers. It is exactly that kind of leadership Iowa agriculture desperately needs in Congress today.


Senator Dan Zumbach, Chair – Senate Agriculture Committee
Senator Annette Sweeney, Vice Chair – Senate Agriculture Committee
Senator Waylon Brown, Member – Senate Agriculture Committee
Representative Megan Jones
Steve Sukup, President and CEO – Sukup Manufacturing
Shannon Latham, Vice President – Latham Hi-Tech Seeds
Ray Gaesser, Former President of American and Iowa Soybean Associations
Jim Dean – Center Fresh Group