The bio at the end of his opinion article in the Register this weekend almost says it all, 


 Jason Noble is a former journalist and Democratic campaign operative from Des Moines. 




Noble came home this weekend to take a moment to jump on the bandwagon to kill the Caucuses. 

When I read it,  the very first thing that came to mind was an alternate headline:


Iowa Democrats can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. 


The party that wants to run EVERYTHING through government cannot do two things simultaneously. It’s not even simultaneous because the caucus season happens just one out of every four years.


If you canceled your DMR subscription, let me break it down for you. Iowa Democrats have been losing for a long time, and Noble thinks that somehow killing Iowa’s first in the nation caucuses will help them focus on rebuilding their party and win over voters again. 


Two things are keeping you from rebuilding your party, not one. And you might be disappointed to find out that neither of them is the Iowa caucuses.  Iowa Democrats’ most significant issues are 1. a profoundly flawed policy vision. 2. candidates deeply out of touch with the people they seek to represent. 


Look at J.D. Scholten. At first glance, he seemed like a good get for Iowa Dems, but he proved to be more of the same: an elitist who seeks to lecture the folks about what they should and shouldn’t be doing. This tweet is a great example:


This weekend JD stopped by Twitter to share his hot takes on the $15 minimum wage.  Saying essentially that if, a company, that according to COB today, had a market cap of $1.6 trillion, can afford to pay all of their workers at least $15 an hour, indeed every mom and pop store across the state can too. 


This is such a lousy take that you would be forgiven if you thought it was a parody. 


It’s not just the policies. Cindy Axne, Iowa’s last Democrat in Congress, has a history of not showing up for work. And when she does, she sides and votes with the most extreme members of her party. 


But at least she won. 


Bruce Braley, Fred Hubble, Theresa Greenfield, Rita Hart, and Jack Hatch. That is one tragic list. In the last few cycles, Iowa Democrats have put up some really, really bad candidates. 


This comes back to one of the other items that stuck with me about Jason’s case to end the Caucuses. According to Noble, 


Making it [the Iowa Democratic Party] relevant again will likely require some degree of separation from the national Democratic Party.”


[Cue laugh track]


IDP and the DNC are the same. Both support late-term abortions and punishing success with even higher taxes. They take their agriculture policy cues from that people that either hate farmers or at the very least refuse to take the time to understand how it actually works. They look down their noses at the people they claim to support and are quick to blame their election failures on the uneducated masses who fail to comprehend the genius of their plans to save them from their plight. 


The idea that distancing yourself from the DNC will improve your brand while still selling the same crappy dog food is laughable. 


Hopefully, Iowa Democrats will decide not to abandon the caucuses. However, I can promise you that it will not help them connect with voters and win elections if they do. That won’t happen until they dump their crappy candidates and even crappier policies.