Leave it to Iowa Starting Line to demonstrate just how bad it’s gotten in the liberal blogosphere.

Liberals elitists, Teachers Union Activists and Democrats were up in arms this past week once Dowling Catholic School in Windsor Heights announced it was ready to vaccinate their staff for COVID19.

UnityPoint spokesperson Macinzie McFarland said that Dowling Catholic and several other schools in their diocese were able to procure the vaccines for their staff because they communicated early with the company.

“We were ready and they were ready first. They reached out first, they were ready to go. It was still very dependent on if we got the vaccines for them to be vaccinated. That happened and that’s how that came to be,” McFarland said.

As the article points out, Dowling was just doing what they were supposed to do, which (somehow!) upset many of the Des Moines Public School Teachers and Union Activists who have been teaching (or not) behind a computer screen for an entire calendar year.

But some public education advocates just aren’t convinced of fair play between the private schools and health systems amid everything else happening in Iowa politics.

It’s no wonder public schools are fighting like hell against competition. The word  “Entitled” doesn’t even quite describe it. But I’m at a loss of a stronger word.