There was a protest last week at the Iowa State Capitol. You’ll be forgiven if you missed it, as there were only a dozen or so folks there.

What was it about? Masks.

Iowa State Senator Sarah Trone Garriott was there with the protestors standing sitting in solidarity.

We’ve been over this before; if you want to wear a mask, it’s fine, but let other people make their own decisions, especially when it comes to their kids and their kids’ health.

Anyway, back to the protest. Sarah must feel passionate about masking considering the size( a handful of people) and location of the protest (outdoor).

But wait –  what is going on here?

and then here


These are tweets from Sarah Trone Garriott’s Twitter account from when she went to the Hinterland Music Festival a little over a week ago. Just her and 15,000 of her closest friends without a single mask in sight…

Her actions run counter to the virtue-signaling she hustles online and the political theater a handful of folks saw last week at the Capitol.

Here is her pinned tweet from her account.

The Democrats like to refer to themselves as the party of science, but their actions speak louder than the music at Hinterland. Democrats are the party of hypocrites.