Thank you for serving as a delegate to the 2020 Republican IOWA State Convention! Your participation in the caucus-to-convention process, and your activism this year is critical. You are a big part of a united team to elect our superb candidates and preserve our freedoms as Americans and Iowans, and I look forward to working with you.

I am humbly asking for your support and vote for me, as your National Committeeman. Saving Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Caucus status will remain one of my top priorities if re-elected as your National Committeeman. This has been an unusual year in many aspects, and Iowa faces challenges, please read on.

There have been, and will continue to be, many assaults on Iowa’s coveted caucus status, known as First-in-the-Nation. The RNC Rules Committee is the most important and powerful committee and, since day one, I have served on that Committee. From the time I was first elected to the RNC as Iowa’s Committeeman, I studied and absorbed the rules, their meaning and how they were applied. As a member of this committee, I have repeatedly made the “case” for keeping Iowa #1. My perseverance, diligence, and deep personal relationships with other members, have helped save Iowa!

A few years ago, there were three back-to-back RNC meetings where a rule to delete Iowa, as the first caucus state, was on the agenda. Again, through my hard work, Iowa retained #1 status! Fast forward to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, which put my skillset to the test once again. There were repeated efforts to unbind the national convention delegates from supporting Donald Trump and create havoc on the convention floor. As a member of the Convention Rules Committee, I refused to buckle to those who ran radio ads demanding that I join this circus.

At that same convention, I, personally, caught wind of the fact that some Iowa delegates had signed a petition that would have allowed for a divisive and drawn-out fight, on the convention floor, over the rules. Although we had only a very short window of time, working as a team with other Iowa delegates, we were able to get some names withdrawn from the petition. BOTTOM LINE: With no time to spare, AGAIN, we saved Iowa’s caucus status, right then and there!

You may have heard comments – even accusations – that Iowa’s National Committeeman and Committeewoman are involved in many activities that are simply not part of our responsibilities; conversely, you may also have heard that we should be doing things, but are not, because, again, some things are simply not part of our responsibilities. You will not get vague assurances or fluffy campaign promises from me. I have fulfilled my pledge to you since being elected your Committeeman, and I will continue on this path to serve you! My commitment is to . . . .

  • Build Strong Relationships throughout Iowa & the RNC
  • Travel extensively throughout Iowa, working shoulder-to-shoulder with grassroots activists
  • Communicate & do my best to be accessible 24/7 with the grassroots
  • Work to maintain Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Caucuses

What is at stake? The reality is that I am the only candidate for National Committeeman who can possibly save Iowa’s caucus status! After the Democrats’ caucus mess earlier this year, our status has never been in more danger and more concerning than it is right now. Saving Iowa will require profound skills, thorough knowledge and understanding of the Rules, personal relationships that I have nurtured, and the respect that I have earned from other RNC members. For example, California National Committeeman Shawn Steelzone stated clearly that he would never vote against Iowa being first, as long as I was a member of the committee. He went on to say that if I were no longer a member of the RNC, all bets were off.

I am proud of my solid record of accomplishments in service to Iowa, to you and to all Iowa Republicans:

  • Hardest working and most effective Committeeman in Iowa history!
  • Longest serving, non-stop grassroots organizer in Iowa (49+ years)
  • Knows most Iowa GOP activists
  • Only candidate for Iowa Committeeman with deep, personal relationships in all 99 Iowa counties
  • Only Iowa Committeeman candidate with deep, personal relationships with 167 other RNC members
  • Named one of “Ten Most Influential Iowa Republicans” (Campaigns & Election Magazine)
  • Ranked as one of “50 Most Wanted Republicans in Iowa” (Des Moines Register)
  • President, Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, where we sponsor voter contact (2.8m in 2018 alone) with palm cards that compare candidates, and periodically hold large gatherings to support the IFFC Mission, and Republican candidates

In closing, I am humbly asking for your vote. I will be deeply honored to have your trust and to continue to serve you and Iowa!

Most sincerely,

Steve Scheffler
National Committeeman, Iowa