I’ll tell you what’s a dumpster fire – random outdated analogies from 30 years ago that make no sense and fall flat.

In case you missed it, in a late-week opinion dump, Laura Belin posted unoriginal dribbling from longtime union hack, Bruce Lear. Honestly, at this point, you’d think Belin would have a bit more editorial leeway to clean these up, but maybe she’s just phoning it in because what else is a lib to do these days.

If you don’t pay attention to this nonsense, I don’t blame you; let me fill you in.

Lear uses some random, 33-year-old Roseanne Barr purposefully butchering the National Anthem event to compare to Iowans’ newly rolled out educational savings account program.

Right. Totally relatable.

Here’s where he really tries to bring it all together:  “What did they expect to happen?”

Ah, well, Bruce, it’s really not been a secret that Republicans and the Governor expected big things to happen:

  • Parents who couldn’t afford to move in order to change schools would get some options
  • Freedom for families
  • Parents and students would have more power when dealing with fat cat administrators and school boards.
  • More freedom
  • Parents, not teachers or school boards, or a broken system, get to be in charge of their kids’ education.

Here’s what maybe even the biggest cheerleaders didn’t fully expect to happen:

  • One application submitted every 12 seconds in the first 24 hours of launching
  • Flawless rollout and huge numbers of families applying
  • Applications are processed within seconds rather than weeks

So I guess you’re right; the law that was passed to give parents more flexibility and say over their kids’ educations TOTALLY BLEW AWAY ALL OF OUR EXPECTATIONS.

Keep in mind, no matter what they say, the ONLY people eligible for an ESA this year were kids trapped in a school that wanted out or parents in extreme financial straits, making private school a priority for their kids. And still the amount of applications was overwhelming.

Great job summing that up for us, pal.

No matter what they say, no matter the Union talking points they spew, they’re scared for a reason – parents are back in charge, and they know it.