Des Moines Public schools announced this week the disbandment of their school resource officers (RSO’s)

Allegations of police discrimination against students of color were one of the main reasons to justify the outlandish idea while alleging the school to the prison pipeline theory. 

This isn’t surprising, considering Des Moines Public Schools had 4 activists speak about racism, the same activists calling for the complete abolition of DMPD. 

Laying the foundation for political actors infesting into the public school system, it makes one ponder the idea if politics may have played a major role here, as they have for the rest of the country touting the ‘defund the police’ movement.

Similar calls to disband DMPD officers from Drake University occurred last year as well. 

We’ve seen the result of the no logic movement=Less officers patrolling in needed areas, fewer divisions, and higher crime.

Unfortunately, DSM Public Schools have chosen the dangerous political move trend instead of mere student safety.

Assertions claiming resource officers are solely to blame for either high arrests or ‘discrimination’ fail to consider school administrators are generally the ones to call for police assistance to help with a situation.

The public schools in Ames, Iowa, for example, took for granted the fact that only officers were the ones to blame when in reality, school administrators were the ones to take the first step in seeking officer assistance. 

With the same logical reasoning used to determine the outcome of disbanding resource officers in Des Moines Public Schools, school administrators and or anyone involved in calling officers for help should be gone as well.  

Additionally, many supporters of such a policy are the same that worry of possible outbreaks of the Covid Delta variant, begging leadership to have kids to mask up. 

The logic goes: If there is a possibility of a negative outcome, it renders suitable action in the present.

If there’s the possibility of a public safety issue arising in public schools, officers will have significantly less response time to help those in need. 

How about the kids whose only mentors were Des Moines School Resource Officers that guided them through the trauma they experienced at home? Doesn’t matter; their actions speak.

The decision chosen by DSM public school will only build a bigger divide between law enforcement and kids, as now none will be exposed to any positive police interactions whatsoever.