President Biden’s first State of the Union Address came as nearly everything in our country is looking “up.” Consumer prices, violent crime, our national debt, illegal border crossings, and our trade deficit—they’re all up. What’s not up, though, is the public’s view of the president and his policies—here at home and across the globe. And one of the main reasons for his plummeting poll numbers is that President Biden—who campaigned as a moderate and during his inauguration pledged to unify the country—has really governed by adhering to the demands of the far Left.

During his State of the Union speech, I appreciated the president voicing support for the Ukrainian people—whose freedom is currently under attack by Russia’s ruthless, autocratic leader, Vladimir Putin. But I’m concerned the president’s actions in his first year have done more to appease Putin than support Ukraine. Make no mistake: President Biden’s decision to abandon American citizens and our allies in his haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan, resulting in the death of 13 servicemembers, has had a direct impact on what we’re seeing right now in Ukraine. President Biden’s doctrine of appeasement—and his bending to the demands of the Radical Left—have made the world less safe.

Instead of taking bold action to unleash American energy production, create jobs here at home, and reduce our reliance on Russia and other foreign adversaries for energy, President Biden doubled down in his speech on prioritizing Left-wing climate fantasies over our national security. His administration has slow-rolled lethal aid to the Ukrainian military, and refused to impose sanctions before Russia invaded. Now, the Ukrainian people are fighting for their survival.

In his speech, President Biden also continued to advocate for more of the same reckless spending that has led to inflation hitting a 40-year high. He offered no plan to combat the supply chain crisis impacting Iowa farmers, families, and small businesses. And while he voiced support for a secure border, his administration has taken little action to stop the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants from pouring over our southern border and into our communities.

But, amid all the crises, our state has been fortunate to have strong, compassionate leadership in Governor Kim Reynolds.

Governor Reynolds is cutting taxes, expanding opportunity, and standing up for our students and families. Throughout COVID-19, she worked to protect the health and safety of Iowans without shutting down our economy. She was one of the first governors in America to ensure our kids returned to in-person learning when it was safe to do so. She’s also pushed back on the Left’s woke agenda—banning Critical Race Theory and promoting learning, not discriminatory indoctrination.

Governor Reynolds understands the problems hardworking Iowans are facing under the radical, failed policies of the Biden administration. She has worked with our Republican-led state legislature to find solutions to these problems. She’s pushed back on massive Washington overreach and trusted Iowans to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. As a result, Iowa has led the way.

This week, I was so glad the nation was able to hear from our governor, whose record of leadership stood in stark contrast to the failed agenda of President Biden. Governor Reynolds didn’t offer a partisan platform, but rather an inclusive agenda for all Americans that puts each one of us back in charge of the direction of our own lives.

My friend, Governor Kim Reynolds, offered a vision based on freedom, liberty, and opportunity—and she held Iowa up as a shining example of what happens under strong, conservative leadership and a plan to put our families first.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) Official Portrait

Joni Ernst, a native of Red Oak and a combat veteran, represents Iowa in the United States Senate.