A tale of hubris in just a few tweets…

 Background:  Tweets above are from Rep Chris Hall, a Democrat from Woodbury County just minutes into the meeting, arrogantly tries to cut down board member and newly appointed Director of the Iowa Department of Management Michael Bousselot.

Unfortunately for Hall and state democrats, The guy he mocked for being a hack and out of touch on the estimates ended up being the closest.

Hall, who most folks have not heard of, should be the poster child reminder of why elections matter. Why? Because he’s the Ranking Minority Member of the Iowa House Appropriations Committee. It should terrify every voter in the state to think that this shameless hack would be in charge of the budget should the Democrats ever win back the majority.

Here are a few of the heartbreaking (for Democrats) headlines from yesterday:

Hall would better serve his party, the voters, and the state if he:

  1. Spent more time in his district (It’s an open secret that he despises his district and spends all of his time in Des Moines)
  2. Spent less time acting like a sanctimonious jerk in meetings.