As a full-blown Russian Invasion breaks out in Ukraine causing unneeded bloodshed, Senator Joni Ernst has a message for Americans and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Just the night before, Ernst spoke at a Bastion Institute Panel featuring Former Secretary Of State Paul Pate where she bashed Biden’s foreign policy causing the U.S To lose its overall global footing.

“I just think they are slow on the draw, I think there is so much we could have been doing proactively rather than reactively. My thought is that once Russia invades Ukraine we won’t be able to get them out,” said Senator Joni Ernst to reporters on the failures of action from the Biden Administration on the now full-blown scale of Russian invasion into Ukraine.

Ernst had repeatedly advocated for a more “aggressive stance” towards Russia while being one of the Senators actively advocating sanctions to try and curb further escalation.

“So many other levels that we could have used till getting to this point,” said Ernst to the crowd, while noting how the recent Afghanistan Withdrawal and the lack of action in the Ukrainian crisis have been catastrophic.

Other than being an Afghanistan combat veteran and serving as a Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Ernst has additionally spent time in Ukraine in the summer of 1989.