Joe Biden went to private school. And he sent his sons Hunter and Beau there too. He opposes school vouchers, though as a Senator in 1997 said this: “When you have an area of the country, and most often here we are talking about inner cities, where the public schools are abysmal or dysfunctional or not working, and where most of the children have no way out, it is legitimate to ask what would happen to the public schools with increased competition from private schools. Is it not possible that giving poor kids a way out will force the public schools to improve and result in more people coming back?” 

Elizabeth Warren sent her son to private school. She lied about it to an African American mother who supports charter schools and got caught on camera. Warren’s campaign then admitted that her son went to private school. 

Pete Buttigieg went to private schools. His husband was a teacher at a school that accepts kids from Indiana’s tax-credit scholarship program (Iowa has a very successful, bipartisan tax-credit scholarship program which I wrote about). 

Tom Steyer went to private schools. And he sent his four children there

Bernie Sanders’ wife went to private school. 

And they all oppose allowing children to attend private schools unless they are rich enough to do so. 

Luckily, the vast majority of Americans disagree with them – 81% of Americans think that lower-income and middle-income families should be able to access school choice programs. And that closely aligns with the reality of school choice across the country. Data shows that 70% of the students in tax-credit scholarship, vouchers, or education savings accounts programs across the country are in means-tested programs, and the children in the programs are mostly minorities.

These Democratic presidential candidates are hypocrites. They only believe in “school choice for me, not for thee.” And while they’re all white and have the financial means to go to private schools, they don’t want lower-income families of color to have that option? Where are the woke scolds on this issue? Despite the bipartisan agreement from voters and parents on this issue, the Democrats refuse to embrace school choice because the teachers union have them on a leash.