The Des Moines Register only touts and supports Iowan law enforcement officers and officials when it conveniently applies to attacking Republican leadership.

Let’s lay some quick foundation for this indisputable claim:

For the past year and a half, the Register has published numerous demeaning articles such as: ‘Des Moines Police have stacked up racist actions when will the city council do something? Des Moines Police team’s reported marijuana arrest numbers raise questions about racial equity, and only a couple of months ago compared a foreign terrorist organization in the Middle East with DMPD officers in their contributing piece by The Iowa View ‘Israel sought to interfere with independent reporting: We’ve seen that in Iowa.’

It’s clear, the Des Moines Register and many of the contributing writers from the Iowa View have a clear agenda to dismantle Iowa law enforcement and do not hide it. Particularly seen when comparing missile strikes to DMPD officers using pepper spray.

What a brilliant comparison, if you can even call it one.

Yet just like Iowa Democrats touting that the border crisis does not exist and or supporting the defunding of police, The Register suddenly cares about law enforcement when it has to do with countering Governor Reynold’s plan to send state troopers to help support border security.

“Sending state troopers to Mexico border is a political stunt that harms Iowa,” alleges the editorial board.

Other Democratic legislators condemned the plan, alleging it would also make Iowa less safe.

But contributing to the demonization of officers and supporting the defunding of police nationwide does not?

There’s no logic to these actions.

The newly founded arbiters of law enforcement, who have spent about a year and a half attacking law enforcement as an institution, suddenly egg on state troopers to stand up against the ever oppressive leadership of the Iowa Republican Party.

The editorial board and those alike cannot be serious in thinking Iowans will listen to them after observing this pattern.

The only ‘political stunt’ here is using law enforcement officers as a springboard for a petty jab towards the Governor’s office and cheap political points.