Yesterday, Family Leader President Bob Vander Plaats had choice criticism for Republican State Representative Bobby Kaufmann, after Kaufmann “flipped the bird” at a Convention of States rally Monday in the statehouse.

Rep. Kaufmann then responded: 

The question Vander Plaats should answer is: Why only attack Republicans?

Just last week the Iowa GOP brought to light recent tweets from Democrat Abby Finkenauer where Finkenauer says Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is “full of s**t,” calls Former President Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway a “jack**s,” and repeatedly uses vulgarity on her campaign account.

While Democrats are desperate to change the narrative, Vander Plaats hands them their favorite narrative on a silver platter: Republican infighting. 

Vander Plaats isn’t new to this type of, shall we say cheap, political hit job either. In 2016, Vander Plaats got into a similar twitter spat with then-candidate Donald Trump over controversial comments saying, “This plays to Trump’s judgement and temperament. He will burn anybody.”

Then-candidate Trump fired back in a series of tweets saying: 

“Why doesn’t phony @bobvanderplaats tell his followers all the times he asked for him and his family to stay at my hotels-didn’t like paying.” 

“Do you think @SenTedCruz knows about @bobvanderplaats dealings? Actually, I doubt it!”

Vander Plaats has figured out that the easiest way for him to get media attention is to go after fellow Republicans.