Rob Sand—Iowa’s hunting, breakfast pizza tweeting male model of a state auditor—has been barnstorming the state over the last few months, meeting with voters and appearing with other Democratic candidates up and down the ticket. But not Deidre Dejear.

Sand has appeared with everyone from US Senate Candidate Mike Franken to Secretary of State Candidate Joel Miller to state senate candidate Kevin Kinney, but he can’t be spotted near DeJear and can’t even be bothered to send out a supportive tweet.

Sand has completely abandoned the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee, it seems.

Maybe it’s because of DeJear’s far-left stances on the issues; maybe it’s because she refused to stand to honor cops, or maybe it’s because Sand just wants her to do as badly as possible to set up his run for governor four years from now.

Whatever the reason, Sand’s silence on DeJear speaks volumes. He hopes no one is listening.