The Young Republicans of Iowa have announced three new chapters to the statewide group of conservative activists. 

The newly founded chapters of Siouxland, Cedar Valley, and the Southeast group add over 100 new members to the statewide organization. 

Currently, there are 9 active chapters in Iowa in addition to the new three.

Iowa YR Chapters as of May 2021

Chair elections for the Iowa Central Chapter are set for the beginning of June, where Iowa Central members will elect their new chapter chair member. 

Currently, Mikayla Simpson and Damian Thompson are running against each other for the Central Iowa position where YR members will vote on June 1st. The organization’s state convention held on June 5. 

National Committeeman for the Iowa YR’s Brett Barker, is enthusiastic about the recent developments. The entire goal of Young Republicans is to bridge the gap between college republicans and the central committee and to get Conservative activists involved with the political process. 

“There’s so much energy and excitement about what Young Republicans are doing,” said Barker. 

Barker credits the recent uptick of memberships to those ambitious young conservatives wanting to get involved with the upcoming state convention and coming out of the pandemic ‘pumped up’ to get involved with republican politics. 

The Young Republicans group have always been good partners with College Republicans statewide, and it’s a good alternative to those students who are being suppressed on predominantly progressive college campuses noted Barker