The media is so desperate to prove their false mask narrative that they have resorted to outright misleading viewers.

Take KCCI’s new story. “Masks are Keeping COVID-19 Cases Down at Des Moines Schools.” 

Mask mandates went in place on September 15th, when COVID cases were already on the decline in Polk County according to NYT data. And this is a trend following several other states.  

The same data from the NYT shows a steep decline in cases.

And inadvertently, Des Moines Public Schools granted well over 100 exemptions to their mask mandate. Tweet.

So once again, the numbers from the media and DMPS don’t add up. The facts don’t work. 

KCCI isn’t following the science they are trying to push a false narrative. Whatever happened to simply reporting the news?  

No surprise, these people have shown time and time again they are only interested in pushing the narrative they prefer and will use whatever tools (and whoever they can find) to accomplish that goal. 

Case in point: Dog Walker to Data Scientist: A prominent voice in Iowa media is not who they claim to be