The Des Moines Public Schools find themselves once again contemplating if school resource officers would help with public school safety.

After recent Tik Tok videos surfaced of students brawling on camera, students and parents have shared their concerns with the rise of violence.

During a school board meeting held this week, Mother Lindsay LeGrange spoke out in favor of reinstating SRO’s to the community district.

“My children are afraid to go to school because of the constant fights and violence,” said LeGrange, while mentioning the experiences of her son seeing frequent fights at school.

Yet, community activists painted a different view.

One speaker encouraged the school to adopt hall monitors trained in “anti-racism,” while others read out student testimonies of mistreatment from Des Moines SRO’s.

Others lambasted Des Moines news outlet KCCI for addressing the issue of rising school violence, alleging it created “Fear-mongering” with a pro-cop agenda.

After the public spoke, Director of School Climate Transformation Jake Troja updated the school board on recent data.

Troja admitted how the school has had an increase of violence in the district while additionally noting that only about 50% of DMPS students feel safe at school.

Troja believes that reinstating SRO’s would not have any effect at all but instead would add to the criminal charges of students.

During testimony from Troja, School board member Thomas Ahart briefly commented on the issue of faculty being concerned about being racist if they were to write out a referral to a student for behavior.

Additionally, School board member Jackie Norris emphasized the utter need to address parent and student concerns overall while making sure their voices are heard.

Last February, the school board had suspended SRO’s after recent data showed how officers interacted with students of color more frequently than white students.