“Did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated,” President Biden said, addressing White House Reporters today on the latest in Afghanistan.

Throughout his address, Biden remained adamant on his stance, leaving troops out of the country, but announced operations are set forth for 5,000 U.S Forces members to assist Afghans civilians evacuating.

Over the course of the week, terrorist organization The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan completely where insurgents captured the country’s capital without any push back from Afghan security sources.

According to Biden, the United States has spent over a trillion in military training and assistance to Afghan security forces.

“It is all on President Biden’s Shoulders, this rapid and haphazard withdrawal of American Troops, of course before we knew that our embassy would be safe before we had our Afghan interpreters and other friends out of Afghanistan, to allow it to fall like this without any sort of plan or recourse it is shameful,” said first-ever combat veteran Senator Joni Ernst.

“Afghan women and girls are being left at the mercy of the Taliban under Potus Biden’s Haphazard withdrawal,” additionally added Ernst.

Other Iowa Republicans have taken aim at Biden, where on June 27th, Representative Miller-Meeks questioned DHS secretary Mayorkas regarding the Biden Administration’s efforts to evacuate Aghan allies.