In an expected move by prominent national and Iowa Democrats, progressives have continued to use the latest East High shooting that left two students injured and one dead in Des Moines as evidence to push their agenda to attack the Governor and push gun control.

President Biden was the first to initiate it when he jumped at the opportunity to shove his State of The Union political points down Iowan’s throats when he came out with a statement about the shooting the day after it occurred, making the horrific tragedy into one of political malice:

“It is up to Congress to pass proven measures to reduce gun violence including universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and a repeal of the liability shield protecting gun manufacturers who knowings put weapons of war on our streets,” he wrote, while furthering the need to hamper down on ‘ghost guns.’

Taking after Biden, Democrats then used the tragedy to criticize Reynolds’s permitless handgun law that was signed into law in 2021 as the cause for the crime, despite zero evidence.

State Sen. Claire Celsi used a press conference at The East Side Library In Des Moines about the school shooting to further attack the Iowa GOP stating to reporters,” There’s really no other way to say it, Republican-sponsored measures have weakened Iowa’s gun laws-the resulting policies have failed our kids and our communities,” according to the Des Moines Register.

Yet those liberals screaming for the increase of gun control by police, who argue that more control could have prevented the shooting, are the same individuals who have advocated for the disbandment of police officers from the very school district that has experienced an overall increase in violence.

School violence has increased ever since officers were disbanded in May of 2020 from the Des Moines Public School District. Still, progressives on the DMPS school board and Iowa Democrats would have you believe it is solely Iowa Republican’s fault at play.

To merely point out that school resource officers have been disbanded in DMPS is equated as being tone-deaf to a tragedy, but pushing progressive policy initiatives is not.

One fact remains certain, though: DMPS kids are suffering due to the choice to dismantle public safety in schools and failed policy initiatives in the effort to be ‘equitable’ and ‘inclusive.’

Iowa Progressives have seen the aftermath of such a disastrous policy enacted after participating in the Defund The Police Movement. Still, they have instead chosen to backpedal and blame it on Republican leadership.