Early this week, The FBI released new national data on police use of force against civilians in the year 2021. 

The FBI annually releases data ranging from police use of force to officer-involved shootings to update the public on the latest reports and crime gathering. 

Additionally, the bureau had posted new data on 73 officers killed in the line of duty feloniously, in which almost half did not engage their suspects when being attacked, according to Fox News.  The dark statistic represents a 20-year high in killings against police officers. 

(FBI Data Image Posted By Fox News)


24 of the 73 officers attacked were killed in “Unprovoked” attacks, in which the fatal attacks came out of nowhere to officers while on duty. 



“In use-of-force incidents, officers most often encountered individuals who failed to comply with verbal commands or other types of passive resistance,” said the FBI in a press release. 


“Other types of resistance encounters included displaying a weapon at an officer or another individual, attempting to escape or flee custody, using a firearm against an officer or another individual, or resisting being handcuffed or arrested,” the press release continued.