A new midwest pipeline announced this week would not only create jobs and help companies reduce their carbon footprint but would do so with private business backing rather than mandate by the Federal Government.

Navigator CO2 Ventures LLC announced a carbon capture pipeline system that plans to span at least 1,200 miles across the Midwest, with its most significant footprint in Iowa. The pipeline is part of a growing Carbon Capture and Store (CCS) trend, which helps sequester carbon.  Once complete, the CCS system will transport liquified carbon dioxide in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Illinois to a permanent underground sequestration site.

Private companies, motivated by the free market, are identifying opportunities to help manufacturing, agriculture, and industrial sectors drastically reduce their CO2 emissions without draconian climate regulations from the federal government. While top-down, government-mandated approaches to reducing private sector emissions like the Green New Deal might be progressive’s ultimate desired destination – there are many readily available market-driven solutions moving forward.

Proponents maintain Iowa’s ethanol and biodiesel producers stand to receive significant economic benefit by participating in CCS projects. Increased stability in the fuels market is another likely perk.

Boosters of the plan note the pipeline undermines the calls by radical climate activists demanding aggressive government intervention. The project is an excellent example of how Iowa and the agricultural sector can significantly reduce their carbon footprint without burdensome mandates and regulations.