Don’t look now but once again the Iowa Press Corp is looking the other way as Gov. Reynolds’ balanced approach to the pandemic continues to deliver benefits for Iowans. 

Last night, in an interview with ABC News, President Biden talked about his administration’s plan to mail at-home test kits to Americans and said “I wish I had thought about ordering” at-home tests “two months ago.” 

That’s funny, because you know who did set up a FREE, at-home testing service FIVE months ago? Kim Reynolds. 

In July, the State of Iowa’s Test Iowa program established a free at-home PRC test service where Iowans could have a test mailed to them or pick it up at one of several locations. 

But you’d never know that by reading Iowa press reports, which seem to care only about covering up for Biden’s failures. 

Check out these headlines from We Are Iowa

The story quotes Democrat state legislator John Forbes for the need for accurate and free at-home test kits, yet it never once mentions that Iowans have had that option for months. 

A recent story from KCCI is even more egregious …

Again, no mention of Test Iowa. 

It’s no wonder that the recent Des Moines Register poll show’s Biden’s approval numbers down the drain and Governor Reynolds is over 50%. Maybe because Iowans know who is looking out for them (Governor Reynolds) and who is just looking out for Joe Biden (members of the Iowa Press Corps) .