AmericaBackstheBlueIowa held their first annual fundraising event over this past weekend at Grays Lake Park In Des Moines, Iowa for a run/walk event. Kids, families, and local Des Moines police officers in uniform attended the event in order to raise money for the C.O.P.S fund.

In a statement to Iowa Field Report, the organization touted the success of the event ”I am proud to report that our event raised $500 for Iowa C.O.P.S and the work they do in support of the families left behind when our heroes make the ultimate sacrifice in the protection of all of us.”

During the event, the group had a few Des Moines Police Officers join and others from the community to support the fundraiser.

The fundraiser and protest were dissimilar to the Des Moines Black Liberation Movement protests that would occur days later, where activists would storm the City Hall’s chambers and halt the meeting completely.

Instead of raising money to help improve law enforcement, the Black Liberation Movement aimed to raise money for ‘bail’ for activists after the protest to abolish DMPD completely.

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