Today the Republican Party of Iowa announced it would make changes to their district conventions this year to ensure Iowans remain healthy and safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After reviewing guidance from the Trump Administration and Governor Reynolds, the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee unanimously decided the safest and most feasible way to conduct district conventions would be to utilize paper ballots distributed by mail

“These are obviously extraordinary circumstances, but this process will allow us to conduct our conventions and proceed with important party business, including electing delegates to the national convention and state central committee members,” a party spokesman said in a statement.

Additionally, since district conventions will not take place in-person this year, the state party published digital copies of each district’s tabloid on their website. Delegates can read these tabloids to find out more information on candidates and the proposed rules and platform in their district.

Ballots, a paper copy of their tabloid, and prepaid return envelopes will be mailed to all district delegates by the end of the week. The state party says delegates can expect these to arrive in their mailboxes in the next several days. Delegates will then be asked to return their completed ballots as soon as possible and should put their ballot in the mail no later than Saturday, April 25th.

After the party receives the ballots, the results will then be posted to the Iowa GOP website. For more information, the party is directing individuals to for updates.