On Monday evening  Democratic National Committee  Chairman Tom Perez told the AP that “I think by 2024 we ought to have everyone being a primary state,”Said Perez on the first night of the DNC conventions. 

Later Iowa Democratic Party Chairman and former legislator Mark Smith punted on the matter by stating,  “Any time spent discussing the 2024 presidential election is a distraction and does not help us defeat Donald Trump.”

It didn’t take long for Iowa Republicans to announce their commitment to preserving Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses:


“The Iowa Caucuses provide an indispensable service to the nominating process. Iowans take seriously their civic duty to vet a field of candidates who meet and listen to voters through retail politics, not by buying elections. The Iowa Caucuses are an example of grassroots democracy in action, and they give everyday Americans — not insiders or billionaires — an integral role in the selection of our president,” Senator Chuck Grassley said.


“Iowans play an important and unique role in our nation’s politics, and I’m going to fight to make sure it stays that way in the face of the Democratic Party’s attempts to eliminate our caucuses,” Senator Joni Ernst said. 


“The Iowa Caucuses are an important first step in the presidential nominating process,” said Gov. Kim Reynolds. “Iowa is a level playing field for candidates to come test their message and share their vision for our country. We take this responsibility seriously, our people are engaged, and Iowans aren’t afraid to ask tough questions to vet the candidates.”


“In Iowa, we value hard work and dedication, and that’s why it’s so important the presidential nominating process begins with the Iowa Caucuses,” said First District Congressional Candidate Ashley Hinson.


“Iowans take their role in the presidential selection process very seriously — devoting hours to researching issues, meeting with candidates and asking them the tough questions,” said Second District Congressional Candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks. “Democracy can be rowdy and noisy from time to time, but at the end of the day, Iowa shows the world that grassroots democracy is a system that works. That is what the Iowa Caucus embodies, and it should remain first in the nation.”


“It takes a grassroots-driven effort to do well in Iowa — one where every candidate meets with Iowans where they are,” said Third District Congressional Candidate Congressman David Young. “That’s why I’ll continue fighting to preserve Iowa’s incredibly unique and important first-in-the-nation caucuses.”


“If the Iowa Caucuses do not exist, the voice of rural America becomes silenced,” said Fourth District Congressional Candidate Randy Feenstra. “Our country is more than just big cities on either coast, and the Iowa Caucuses preserve the notion that anyone can be president by simply connecting with voters.”


“I’m committed to doing my part to preserve the caucuses, and I will continue working closely with the RNC and Pres. Trump to ensure Iowa retains our decades-long tradition,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “It’s our hope that Democrats will join us in defending our first-in-the-nation status and reject calls from national Democrats to dismantle the caucuses.

As the first contest in the presidential nomination contest, the Iowa Caucuses have had a tremendous influence on the US presidency’s race and a source of envy for other states. In 2020, inconsistencies in the results and poor management meant that the Iowa Democratic Party Chairman, Troy Price, was forced to resign.