The Young Republicans Of Iowa organization has come a long way in a short time, a group of about 100 members met over the weekend for their 1st annual State Convention in Nevada, Iowa this past Saturday.

Throughout the convention, attendees enjoyed hearing from a heap of speakers giving remarks throughout the proceedings such as Senator Sweeney, Congresswoman Hinson, State Senator Jesse Green, Congresman Feenstra, Rep. Eddie Andrews, Mary Ann Hanusa, and others.

During Feenstra’s remarks, he talked about the importance of Grassroots conservative groups such as YR, while also hitting on his campaign points on “fighting for the federal level.”

Former legislator Mary Ann Hanusa, who as announced her intention to run against Rep. Cindy Axne shared some remarks as well, taking aim at her opponent. “I get asked what I would do differently than Cindy Anxe if I was elected, that’s easy, I’d actually represent my Constituency,” said Hanusa

A few Turning Point Action representatives also made an appearance, where the spokesperson emphasized the importance of the GOP striving in local politics and causes, all the while maintaining a strong central committee to further the GOP’s influence across the state.

“I’m happy with how things went today, it was a full house,” said Brett Barker, the newly elected Iowa Chair of Young Republicans, who was enthusiastic about the weekend’s activities.

In Barker’s remarks to the group of about 100 members, he talked about the soul searching he did to get the organization up and running.

His passion was surrounded by including more young people in state politics, where he made it his goal to,”become a serious and respected organization in the state and hit the ground running.”

The next event planned for Iowa Young Republicans is the upcoming National convention on July 24 in Indianapolis, Indiana.