The minority party doesn’t do much if any legislating, which is a good thing for Senate Minority Leader Janet Peterson—because she doesn’t know how the process works.

On Tuesday, Governor Reynolds laid out her vision for the next decade, which includes a bill that cuts income taxes, funds the outdoor and recreational trust fund, reduces property taxes, and establishes state funding source for Iowa’s mental-health system.

After the speech, Senator Peterson told Radio Iowa’s Kay Henderson that she wasn’t so sure about the proposal because there’s “no permanent funding source in the governor’s plan to ensure the state pays a greater share for mental health services, as future lawmakers could change the formula Reynolds proposed.”

Um, yeah. That’s how the legislative branch works. They get to make and (gasp!) even change the laws. Unless it’s in the constitution, it’s not permanent.

But hey, if the goal of Peterson and the Democrats is just to criticize the Governor no matter what she says, then A for effort. The minority suits you.