Republican Party of Iowa Chairman, Jeff Kaufmann announced Saturday that he will seek a fourth term as chair. He made the announcement at the party’s state central committee meetings, held virtually via zoom.

Kaufmann was elected to the role of chair in 2014. His tenure is viewed by activists and elected officials as a boon for Republicans. He’s proven to be a prolific fundraiser, an enthusiastic speaker, and hands-on with candidates, activists, and donors.

File Photo of Jeff Kaufmann, source: Iowa GOP


Under Kaufmann’s leadership, Iowa Republicans elected the state’s first female governor, Kim Reynolds Additionally, when Joni Ernst flipped Tom Harkin’s U.S. Senate seat, Iowans sent their first woman to represent them in Congress. This year, Kaufmann oversaw a large increase in seats held by Republicans in the Iowa House and went from just one Republican out of Iowa’s four US House of Representatives seats to three. Plus, Senator Joni Ernst won her reelection campaign, seen as one of the most competitive races in the nation, against Democrat Theresa Greenfield.

Iowa Field Report reached out to some of Iowa’s Republican elected leaders to inform them of his decision. When they heard Kaufmann was willing to serve once more they praised him and offered their enthusiastic support.

Newly minted congressman Randy Feenstra had this to say,

“Jeff Kaufmann knows how to deliver wins up and down the ballot. During his tenure we won back the Iowa Senate expanded the majority in the Iowa House, sent Governor Reynolds back to Terrace Hill, re-elected Senators Ernst and Grassley, voted for President Trump twice and took the congressional delegation from 1-3 to 3-1 in Republicans favor. He has my full support!”

Governor Kim Reynolds provided a glowing endorsement,

“As Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, Jeff brings an unmatched level of passion and energy that carries candidates across the finish line,” said Gov. Reynolds.


“He has played an essential role in candidate recruitment, fundraising, and building a true grassroots organization. As we head into the next election cycle, I can’t think of anyone better to lead our state party operation and help build on the success Iowa Republicans saw this year.”

Speaker of the Iowa House, Pat Grassley of New Hartford, who saw his majority increased from 54 to 59 seats on election day referenced their long-running relationship and alluded to the work they have ahead in his statement,

“I’ve been fortunate to call Chairman Kaufmann a mentor from my first days as a legislator, and he continues to be an invaluable partner to our caucus and to Iowa Republicans up and down the ballot,” said Grassley.


“His effectiveness on the campaign trail was a huge factor in our party’s victories on Election Night, from expanding our State House majority all the way up to decisive wins at the top of the ticket. I look forward to continuing to work with him to build on our success and deliver conservative reforms for Iowans. 

The formal election for chair will take place in January.