According to the July Voter registration report by the Iowa Secretary of State’s office, Republicans now lead Democrats in voter registration totals for active voters in Iowa. At the beginning of March, Iowa Democrats held a nearly 15,000 person registration advantage coming off of their competitors, but reporting plagued caucus today, however, that lead has evaporated.

For months now, Republicans have outpaced Democrats in voter registration numbers. In the same period, Democrats gained 38,249 new active voters while the Republicans added 53,635. The report also shows that while Democrats hold a registration advantage in the first, second, and third congressional districts, Republicans have kept pace or better with Democrat registrations.

In the first and third districts, Republicans are pacing Democrats. Since March, Democrats have added 13,199 voters in the first and 12,173 in the third. Republicans numbers nearly mirror those with 13,964 in the first and 12,161 in the third. However, in the second and fourth distinct, it’s a different story, Democrats registered 6,926 in the second district while Republicans added 11,256 active voters, about 62% more. In the fourth, the gap is much more significant, where Republicans added 173% more than the Democrats. According to the July report, active Republican voters grew to 201,918, adding 16,254, compared to again of 5,951 for the Democrats.

“With enthusiasm on our side, Republicans will only continue to increase our voter registration advantage in the coming months,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “This is why ground games are important. While Sleepy Joe and the Democrats picked up and left this state immediately after the caucuses, the Trump campaign has been on the ground since last fall, speaking with Iowans and getting them registered to vote. In fact, they have already made one million voter contacts. There’s no doubt we are in a good position to keep Iowa red in November.”

Iowa had 713,691 active registered voters with no party on March 1st; it was the state’s biggest category. Today Active no party voters are the third-largest group with 627444 No party active voters fell in each congressional distinct. Iowa currently has over two million active voters.