Dr. Kira Werstein announced her run for Ames Community’s School Board this week. 

Werstein has three children in the ACDS and is an associate teaching professor at Iowa State University. 

“We’ve lost our focus in public education. We need to spend less time proselytizing politics and more time on academics; reading, writing, math, and science,” said  Dr. Werstein. 

Additionally, she noted that “As a public school district, we should stop aiming to divide our students and instead point to what brings us together – our shared common goals, extending compassion to all people and respect for our common humanity.”

Werstein’s candidacy comes after Ames School District received significant blowback from parents when the district decided to adopt a Black Lives Matter lesson curriculum. In addition, earlier this year, the district voted to disband the resource school officer (RSO) program over alleged claims that officers disproportionately interact with minority students. 

However, such claims failed to consider that only school administrators can call officers for help in the district despite contrary assertions held by progressive activists. 

The election will be held on November 2, 2021.