Today, Cindy Axne faced backlash for tweeting a photo of her meeting with the University of Iowa’s Student Government Association where she appeared maskless and the students were in masks.

While it is unclear if Axne or her staff forced these students to wear masks, these students did not appear in masks when they visited other members of Iowa’s Congressional delegation.

Shortly after, Axne tweeted photos of her at a packed reception with President Obama, President Biden, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi where nobody was wearing masks.

“Cindy Axne’s mask hypocrisy is nothing new and Iowans have been over it for months,” said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. “Axne will continue to use the pandemic to avoid accountability for her radical agenda.”

In a press release, the Republican Party of Iowa pointed out the uncanny comparison to a photo of Stacy Abrams also in a full classroom of masked children.

Stacy Abrams Maskless Classroom Pic