After denouncing term limits while she was a member of Congress, Former Representative Abby Finkenauer announced this week she would support term limits in her campaign for the Senate

Recently, in a video posted on Twitter, Finkenauer explained two terms in the Senate, “Would be more than enough for me, and it should be more than enough for anyone else too.”

Unsurprisingly, immediately after taking the new stance, she further used the position to attack current Senator Chuck Grassley: “Unlike Senator Grassley, I don’t just support term limits, but I will term limit myself and serve two terms, period. I mean what I say,” she stated proudly. 

 Promptly after the video was posted, Progressives praised her on Twitter. In addition to appealing to her supporters, the move may have been a strategic decision by her small team to rally support for the unstable campaign. Iowa Field Report was the first, and only outlet to our knowledge, that reported on Finkenauer’s campaign losing its campaign manager just a few months after entering the race. 

But hold on for a second. Wasn’t Finkenauer against term limits while running for Congress in 2018 and 2020?

When running for re-election in 2020 during Iowa’s 1st Congressional District Debate, Finkenauer ‘s position was 180 degrees from what she so proudly espoused this week:: 

“Um, you know, I don’t think there should be anything under the Constitution to do it, but I think it is a discussion we should be having in our country, especially as we see different experiences of Congress. I think it is important to have new voices and to be able to have new ideas in both the Democratic and Republican Party as well, but at the same time, I think experience is also important and being able to get things done and knowing how the process works, but the way I look at serving is, I’m, you know, I’m going to serve for as long as is necessary for me to serve or I feel as though I’m adding something. If you’re not adding something, you should get out.”

But hey, maybe it was just a slip-up, so let’s give Finkenauer the benefit of the doubt. 

Yet, in 2018 Finkenauer Spokeswoman Kate Water said that Abby believed that “Voters Are The Best Term Limits we have.”

“‘Rep. Finkenauer believes voters are the best term limits we have,’ her spokeswoman, Kate Water, said. ‘We’ve seen that this year already in primaries and we’re going to see that on Election Day. This is really about Congressman Blum’s consistent pattern of saying something that sounds good and then doing something different. He ran on term limits, then said he wouldn’t term limit himself,” said Water. 

If that’s enough, recently in a response to an email on the current stance of term limits, Finkenauer wrote back: “Forty-seven years in Washington DC is too damn long, for anyone-I don’t care who you are or which party. I don’t think he even knows why he’s running again, and Iowa deserves so much more.”

Comically, Finkenauer was one of the first to endorse President Joe Biden in his campaign for president. Biden is a career politician who has spent more than 47 years in Washington. I guess this doesn’t pertain to Biden right? 

So what exactly is going on Abby? Iowans are confused about the sudden flip flop of positions that coincidently suit you politically. 

Given the evidence laid out in plain sight, it is apparent that Finkenauer has conveniently changed a political stance to engage in a cheap attack on her opponent. However, her decision only solidifies the commonly held perception of her as an unqualified U.S. Senate candidate with a meager campaign.