Democrat Senate candidate Mike Franken took to Twitter Sunday to tout “thirty-one days of consecutive price reductions” for gasoline.

A gallon of gasoline is currently averaging about $4.32 in Iowa, according to AAA. A month ago, gas averaged about $4.73, reflecting an almost eight percent decrease.

Franken isn’t the only Democrat who’s been touting cooling gas prices over the past month. During a Monday CNN appearance, White House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese similarly touted how Americans are saving $50 a month thanks to reduced gas prices.

Except the White House and Franken’s cherry-picking of gasoline price data leaves out about 17 months-worth of near-consistent gas price hikes. Since President Joe Biden assumed office – when a gallon of gas averaged about $2.40 – gas prices have skyrocketed nearly 80 percent.

Republicans have attributed skyrocketing gas prices to the Biden administration’s anti-energy policies, and blasted Franken’s Sunday tweet.

“If touting gas prices only being around four dollars per gallon seems like out-of-touch or stupid messaging, that’s because it is,” a Republican National Committee spokesman said in a press release. “[W]hat caused the #BidenGasHike? Biden’s war on American energy. $200 stripped from Americans’ pocketbooks every month…that’s a bizarre thing for Franken and his buddies in the Biden administration to brag about.”