Welcome back to the second installment of Hitting The Airwaves. Here are the newest political ads you need to see.

First up – Iowa Attorney General Race

From the release:

“”The message to NAAG leadership couldn’t be clearer,” said O.H. Skinner of AFCAF. “We aren’t going to stop until consumers win this fight over the money at NAAG. This is the beginning, not the end. As long as NAAG’s leaders try to hold onto this money and keep it for themselves, we are going to be there calling them out and demanding better for consumers, just like we are calling out Attorney General Miller in Iowa.”


VO: Consumers are hurting but attorney general Tom Miller isn’t helping. A Miller run group took 280 million from consumer protection cases.

VO: Miller isn’t sending that money to victims. He’s using it for a-list trips to London and stashing it in overseas investments Miller’s operation has been called a racket. It needs to stop.

VO: Tell Tom Miller no more overseas trips and foreign investments.

Next – Iowa’s Third District 

From the release:

“Democrats say one thing, but their records show the truth about their devastating agendas,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Americans are seeing first-hand how Democrats’ extreme policies have made neighborhoods unsafe and life unaffordable.” 


VO: Cindy Axne thinks the economy is doing great.

CA: We’re killing it. On the economy.

VO: but for Iowa families prices on gas and groceries have skyrocketed.

VO: Even worse, Axne joined Biden to pass a new tax hike that experts say will take 3 billion dollars from families making less than 75 grand or less.

CA: We’re killing it. On the economy.

VO: Cindy Axne is killing the economy. Iowa families pay the price.


From the release:

“Axne lied about Zach Nunn’s long-time legislative voting record to protect the life of the mother and the baby, provide contraception to women before pregnancy, and assist mothers after birth. That’s why Zach is telling the truth about Axne’s voting record: abortion on demand, including day of birth, and no medical assistance for babies surviving an abortion—this is far more extreme than Roe v Wade. Axne’s vote takes away Iowans opportunities to share their voice. Replacing Iowa’s late-term abortion restrictions with a Federal mandate that makes America on par with China and North Korea’s abortion laws is too extreme for Iowans’ values.” – Josh Treat, campaign manager


Nunn: Most Iowans support common sense limits on abortion. Cindy Axne votes for the most extreme abortion laws in the world. Allowing an abortion up to the moment of birth. And voted against providing life-saving medical care for a baby who survives an abortion.

Nunn: Look, good people can disagree on abortion, but Cindy Axne is too extreme.

Nunn: Here’s where I stand. I’m pro-life. I voted for exceptions for health of the mother. To expand access to contraceptives, and streamline adoptive services. I’m Zach Nunn, and I approve this message.

Finally – Iowa Governor

From the release:

The Kim Reynolds for Iowa Campaign released its second campaign advertisement of the 2022 Election Cycle titled, “Still Works.” The new 30-second ad highlights controversial liberal policies from around the country supported by Iowa Democrats and contrasts that with Governor Kim Reynolds’ common sense and conservative leadership for Iowa. 

Congresswoman Cori Bush: And defunding the police has to happen…
Gov. Reynolds: Watching the news you wonder, has the rest of the country lost its mind?

Gov. Reynolds: Attacks on police…
Gov. Reynolds: Open borders…
Gov. Reynolds: Paying people not to work…

Gov. Reynolds: Aren’t you glad you live in Iowa?
Voice Over: Governor Kim Reynolds

Gov. Reynolds: Here we still have common sense. We kept businesses open and kids in school. We cut taxes and support our police. Because in Iowa, America still works.