I am running for Congress to fight passionately on behalf of Fourth District voters at a time of great challenge. We face not only the impact of economic crisis touching every family but also the crossroads of whether the American Dream we inherited from previous generations can be preserved and protected for the next.

I am a father and husband who met my wife Kim in church while teaching on a mission at a university in Vietnam. Kim’s father died in a Communist re-education camp in 1986 so we know the evils of socialism. We are now living the American Dream under freedom as small business owners and people of faith raising our four girls and two boys here in Iowa.

We must restore limited government that maximizes individual opportunity to pursue one’s own happiness through hard work, ingenuity, and education.

I am a proven leader with innovative solutions to real challenges. I have floor-managed significant legislation in the Iowa Statehouse and helped lead in the County Courthouse. I am an officer (Major) and chaplain in the Iowa Army National Guard, the only active service member in this primary race.

I am the most conservative candidate who can win the general election. I have an A ranking from the NRA, and I am the only legislator with an A ranking from the American Conservative Union. (Senator Feenstra has a B lifetime, a D in 2016.) I am supported by over 60 Fourth District conservative activists, faith leaders, and elected officials including the lead counsel for Iowa’s “Heartbeat Bill,” and the ISU College Republicans.

Congressman King nearly lost a very safe Republican seat to a Democrat aligned with self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, and that was before he lost committee assignments and influence with President Trump. I will advocate to have a seat on committees like Agriculture, Judiciary, and Small Business that are so critical to the Fourth District, especially as we move to re-open our economy.

I will stand on principle over political gain. In the Iowa House, I broke with my own caucus to vote against an HHS budget containing taxpayer-funded abortion. But when Senator Feenstra promised on principle to never expand gambling, he voted “Yes”in committee—only to turn around and vote “No” on the Senate floor. The lead lobbyist for the bill then set up a fundraising PAC for Feenstra’s congressional run.

Unlike moderate PACs who will compromise conservative principles, the majority of my funding is from former King supporters who see in me an unwavering constitutionalist. Republicans often campaign as conservatives but when they win control, they fail to secure the border, cut spending, repeal Obamacare, or protect life.

To return Congress to its constitutional role, I will:

  • Seek a Balanced Budget Amendment and term limits;
  • Reduce spending by 1% with “The Penny Plan,” to tackle an unconscionable $26 trillion debt;
  • Stand for life with my 10-part “Defend Life” plan includingthe federal Heartbeat Bill;
  • Defend our Second Amendment;
  • Secure the border with President Trump and end illegal immigration;
  • Make recent tax cuts permanent and reduce 60,000 pages offederal regulations;
  • Reignite our ag economy (fight for the RFS, increased trade, transparent beef pricing, indemnity payments);
  • Stand for fellow Soldiers and veterans who have sacrificed so much.

I have put on over 17,000 miles listening to your family’s concerns and offering free-market solutions to the rising cost of healthcare, college tuition, or family farm issues. I’ll commit to answering this call to serve by visiting every county each year to continue to listen.

I would be honored to stand in the gap for such a time as this on behalf of you and your family.

You can learn more about my campaign at JeremyTaylorforCongress.com.