Linn County Liberal Democrat Liz Mathis announced this morning that she would run for Congress in Iowa’s first district. Republican Ashley Hinson currently represents Iowa’s first congressional district.

Mathis announced via Twitter just days after Former Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer announced on Twitter that she would run for the U.S. Senate. Finkenauer previously represented the district but was defeated by Hinson in 2020 after serving just one term in congress.

Mathis, a former TV news reporter, was elected to the Iowa Senate in 2011.

Hinson’s campaign, which launched their formal field operation this past Saturday, provided the following comment on today’s news to the media.

“Nancy Pelosi has handpicked her new protégé:Liberal Liz Mathis. Liberal Liz has never met a tax hike she doesn’t like — she voted against Iowa families and the largest tax cut in Iowa’s history. Liberal Liz supports lockdowns, mask mandates, and keeping our kids out of school. She even supports vaccine passports,” said Sophie Crowell, Hinson’s Campaign Manager


“While Liberal Liz raises your taxes, stomps on your rights, and would put Pelosi’s wishes ahead of Iowa’s needs, Ashley will continue fighting and delivering for Iowa. If you’re a taxpayer, a parent, or a kid in Iowa’s schools, beware of the politics of Pelosi, brought to you by Liberal Liz Mathis,” Comwell noted.

The Republican Party of Iowa also referred to Liz Mathis’ record in their statement.

Iowans can see through the moderate charade Mathis tried to present for years. It takes one look at her record to understand Mathis has entrenched herself in radical partisanship,” explained Kaufmann.

“While in the State Senate, Mathis opposed getting Iowa’s students back in the classroom, and now that they are back, Mathis wants our children to be indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory. It’s this ridiculousness that Mathis wants to push at the federal level. Now that she has entered the race, Iowans must stand up and defeat her next November,” he continued


Kaufmann went on to praise Hinson’s tenure in congress in his statement.

“Ashley Hinson has brought Iowa commonsense back to Washington. As one of the fiercest conservative fighters in Congress, Hinson has stood up to the reckless spending of the Biden Administration and has delivered for Iowa’s workers, families, farmers, and main street businesses. I look forward to seeing Hinson continue her fight in the years to come,” he said.