2022 has been rough for Iowa Democrats, especially our current Attorney General Tom Miller. 

Democrat Attorney General Tom Miller’s top legal aide, Iowa solicitor general Jeff Thompson, was arrested on an assault charge in Des Moines last week. 

Lynn Hicks, chief of staff for Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, really outdid himself with this quote to the Register,

“Jeff has done incredible work for our office and in service to the state. This is a private matter that Jeff will have to address.”


It’s the latest hiccup for one of Iowa’s last remaining statewide Democrat elected officials. This arrest comes on the heels of an Iowans for Tax Relief poll showing Tom Miller losing to her Republican Challenger Brenna Bird by 5%. 

Miller also made headlines for nearly failing to qualify to even get on the ballot. He was one signature away from failing to meet that threshold—weeks before we reported that his campaign manager had abandoned ship. 

Miller is also under scrutiny for how he handled Abby Fineknauer’s ballot petitions, and now that case is sitting before the Iowa State Supreme Court. 

What a mess!

Looking back past this year, Miller has hardly had smooth sailing. 2020 was a rough one, too – First, an assistant attorney general in Miller’s office tweeted, then deleted this:

Then, just a few weeks later, another Assistant Attorney General jumps on social media and offers free legal advice to rioters.

The headaches from years past and those from the past few weeks show that AG Miller runs a tight ship. Fingers crossed that things calm down for him during his last few months in office.