Iowans of the Third Congressional District: Did you know that you were recently represented by one of the most far-left, liberal members of Congress?

Well, Priorities for Iowa Political Fund is is about to tell you. The group, which helped take down Bruce Braley in 2014, is now wading into the Iowa third district race with a brand new ad, titled “Axne? Axne?”

Light in tone, the voiceover calls out for an absent Cindy Axne–”Axne? Axne”–reminiscent of the 1980s hit Ferris Bueller’s Day off. (Bueller? Bueller?).

But like Ferris, Axne wasn’t sick. Instead, she gave her vote (meaning, she gave Iowa’s vote) to Maryland’s Jamie Raskin, one of the most liberal Democrats in Congress. Someone who could not be much further from what Iowans expect in their representative.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-08) with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14)

Axne had a choice of who could cast her proxy vote. She could have chosen someone like Rep. Dave Loebsack, a moderate who represents Iowa’s second congressional district and who has a political image much closer to what Axne wants Iowans to see. But she didn’t. She chose Raskin.

Raskin’s voting record puts him in line with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which is no coincidence, since Raskin is a favorite of the “Squad,” the radical, far-left group that includes AOC and Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar.

In the ad, Priorities for Iowa also hits Axne for missing 17 votes, contrasting that with her opponent, David Young, who didn’t miss a single vote while in Congress, following in the path of his hard-working mentor, Chuck Grassly. 

The ad also calls out Axne misrepresenting her vote on the police reform bill that passed through the House of Representatives. She tweeted out that she was proud of her vote but as the ad points out, she wasn’t there.

Here’s the full transcript of the ad, which can be viewed here:

Where is Cindy Axne?
She’s missed 17 votes.
She said she was proud of her vote for police reform, but she skipped it.
She chose Maryland’s, Jamie Raskin to vote for her by proxy
One of the most liberal socialist democrats in congress.
Giving away Iowa’s vote and taking away our voice.

Iowa deserves their vote and a Congressman who’ll show up.
David Young will work for Iowa.