The current voter registration report updated June 1 by the Iowa Secretary of State proves damaging for Democrats, as Republicans now have a 22,391 registered voter lead.

Going off of the increase, it appears that Republicans have gained a significant amount of ground since the 2020 election.

Republicans make up a total of 738,248 voters, whereas Democrats only make up about 715,857. Just like last year’s trend reported by the Iowa Field Report, Democrats are losing considerably more ground every year.

On June 1st of last year, our previous article reported,

” According to new data released on June 1, Iowa Democrats have lost considerable ground in the voter registration race in Iowa. At the beginning of March, Iowa Democrats had a nearly 15,000 person registration advantage over the Republicans. Today that lead has shrunk to just under 5,000.”

In comparison to the Democratic Active registered voters in March of 2021, Dems had a total of 1,247,880. In June However, this number dropped to 1,111,081 active registered voters. 

The grand total for this year’s registered voters in Iowa for June 2021 is reported to be 2,197,584 people.