According to new data released on June 1, Iowa Democrats have lost considerable ground in the voter registration race in Iowa.

At the beginning of March, Iowa Democrats had a nearly 15,000 person registration advantage over the Republicans. Today that lead has shrunk to just under 5,000.

At the beginning of March, the Iowa Secretary of state’s voter registration report showed Democrats had 642,899 active registrations while Republicans had just 628,154. The March Report is meaningful because it shows the expected bump Democrats received after a competitive and acrimonious primary battle. However, the June report shows that Republicans are now outpacing Democrats. While the Democrats did gain 31,557 new active voters Republicans added 41,349 in the same time frame.

Active no-party voter registrations fell in the last three months. At the beginning of March, Iowa had 713,691 active registered voters with no party; it was the state’s largest category. At the beginning of June, however, that number had fallen to 639,833, a drop of 73,858. No party active voters are now the 3rd largest category after the active Democrats and active Republicans.

This site previously reported on the fact that Iowa Democrats, we’re struggling to add voters at the same pace as 2008. From our previous report:

At first glance, the voter registration data looks promising. However, The numbers look less rosy when compared to previous elections. They show that from January 2, 2020, through March 2, only 31,013 Democrat voters were added.


In the same period in 2008, Democrats added 59,731 new individuals to their total.  2008 was the last time there was an open Democratic field vying for the presidency following a Republican President. That is a 60% drop this year compared to 2008

The stagnant Democrat voter registration numbers could spell trouble for liberals this fall who are campaigning urgently to defeat President Trump.

Updated voter registration data is available at the start of each month from the Iowa SOS office.