“Republicans may not have the White House. But we’re doing what we can to fill the leadership vacuum. On the Issues that are affecting Americans, Republicans are leading,” spoke Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds in her address to President Biden’s State Of The Union Address.

In a scathing response to Biden on Fox News, Reynolds called out the sudden contradiction of Biden’s messaging compared to the general stance of the Democrat party on the Defund The Police Movement and securing the Southern Border.

In her rebuttal, Reynolds touted Iowa as being one of the first states to open schools fully while embracing the newfound slogan from Republicans that “Parents Matter” in deciding what is best for their kids.

Throughout the State of The Union Address, President Biden hit primarily on the Russian invasion, suggesting at times that the United States has had its victory over the oppressive Russian Regime.

In a surprise to Republicans, Biden received chock-full of support when he noted the importance of securing the U.S Southern Border and Improving the immigration process.

“I, along with Republican Governors from several states, have sent resources to the border. And we’ve actually gone to the border-something that our President and Vice President have yet to do since taking office,” rebutted Reynolds in Biden’s assertions.

On the other side of town from where Reynolds responded, Lt. Governor Adam Gregg kicked off an event of Dallas County Republicans and other conservatives gathering in solidarity with the Governor.

After her remarks on Fox, Reynolds made an appearance to the group and thanked them for their unwavering support.