The Alliance for Consumers Action Fund hit Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller during the NFL’s “Sunday Night Football” game for exploiting victims of fraud to beef up a leftwing interest group that has organized foreign trips for AGs like Miller.

Miller is the president of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), which has siphoned a quarter billion dollars out of consumer protection settlements for its own purposes. The ad is part of a month-long campaign that calls on Miller to return the money to victims in Iowa.

“The message to NAAG leadership couldn’t be clearer. We aren’t going to stop until consumers win this fight and drain these NAAG slush funds,” Alliance for Consumers Action Fund Executive Director O.H. Skinner said about the ad. “We are asking Attorney General Miller to do the right thing and give money back to consumers.”

The ad, entitled “Racket”, is a six-figure ad buy highlighting the more than $250 million that NAAG has amassed from state consumer protection settlements and how, under AG Tom Miller’s leadership, this money hasn’t been sent to the victims of consumer fraud but has instead been stashed in foreign investments and used for things like overseas trips for NAAG members and their families. The ad directs viewers to call AG Miller and demand these funds be given back to consumers in Iowa.

“This is the beginning, not the end. As long as NAAG’s leaders try to hold onto this money and keep it for themselves, we are going to be there calling them out and demanding better for consumers,” Skinner said.

The ad will continue to run in Iowa for the next two weeks, including spots during the upcoming NFL Sunday Cincinnati Bengals vs. New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers football games.

You can view the ad below.